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Our Genesis

 We love the outdoors like to help people.  Our initial involvement was in response to painful cries for help from people who had moved off grid.  Problems such as purchasing or carrying potable water from town or home or to the cottage/camp.  Problems with dug wells and municipal water sources  The solution is to filter and purify save water at a low cost where it is needed. We did our research and  purchased a Big Berkey to insure is was the real deal and fell in love with the water it produces.  WE decided that this we was a product we would  be proud to sell without hesitation!


Finding and Contacting us

We are in Ontario's south east in Hamilton township close to Port Hope and Cobourg. 

Quality Water Canada Inc.
312 Scriver Road
R.R. #3  Brighton, Ontario K0K 1H0
        Toll Free: 888-810-4709

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Contact Us: Telephone:  toll free at 1-888-810-4709 Parry Sound,Northern Ontario,Muskoka and Georgian Bay
Send mail to:linda.qualitywater@gmail.com  with questions or comments about our product or web site.

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